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# Full Name _MILT: Date _MILT: Place _MILT: Fact
1 William Columbus ANDERSON      Civil War - Co. G, 185th Ohio Infantry 
2 William APPLEGATE      Revolutionary War 
3 Arthur Paul BAILEY      US Army, WWI 
4 William Henry BOLANDER      Civil War - Company A, 21st Ohio Infantry 
5 Lewis K BROWN      yes 
6 Minnie Viola CRAWFORD      WW II, Army WAC 
7 John DYE      Revolutionary War 
8 George Henry HAMILTON      Company E, 117th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Civil War 
9 William G KIRK      Mexican War 
10 Lewis KIRK      Civil War 
11 Alexander Blair LIGGETT      War of 1812 
12 William LIGGETT      American Revolution 
13 Albert Wilson LIGGETT      World War I 
14 John Minot MILLIKEN      WW I 
15 George D MITCHELL      US Army 
16 James MOON      Navy 
17 Abel Darling PATRICK      Revolutionary War 
18 Richard Elonzo PHILLIPS      US Army, Vietnam War 
19 Herbert C PLAPP      Col, US Army 
20 Herald Franklin STOUT      Rear Admiral, USN 
21 Charles Henry STUBBS      Civil War 
22 Milton Bigelow TONG      Civil War - Company A, 33rd OVI 
23 Leander Ransom TONG      Civil War 
24 Lester TONG      US Army, WWII 
25 Glen Lincoln TONG      World War II 
26 Clarence Eugene TONG      Pvt 405th US Inf, World War II 
27 David A TONG      Vietnam 
28 Hosea Blue TONG      Civil War - Ohio Company E, 197th OVI 
29 Milton Bigelow TONG      Civil War 
30 Horace N WILSEY      Civil War 
31 James J WILSEY      Civil War 
32 Judson T WILSEY      Civil War 
33 George W WILSEY      Civil War