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Tong-Tonge-Tongue book Preface and Forward

The preface and forward to the 1974 book Tong-Tonge-Tongue and Allied Families compiled by H.S. Stout.

Preface to Tong – Tonge – Tongue and Allied Families
second edition by H.F. Stout.

I started out “cold” on the genealogy of the Tong – Tonge – Tongue Families in my small history printed in 1947, long since out of print. There is little written on the family and in numbers it is not large in comparison with the Smiths and Joneses. Despite the large families of our progenitors, not too many today bear the name. On the other hand, a much greater number are of collateral lines of this ancestry; it is factual that the distaff side was far more prolific than the male lines.

In compiling this history, I have had much assistance from a number of the family; I have sent out hundreds of genealogical questionnaires – with indifferent results in replies. On the West Coast particularly, I ran into an Oriental-Occidental sorting problem, not always easy with the Tong spelling.

Of course, some probably didn’t care to have their history published. In 1808, the good citizens of Highland County, Ohio, erected a log jail at the tremendous cost of $10; the “first paying customer” was Thomas Tong, in for horse-stealing. He either escaped or was acquitted as no further historical data appeared.

I also had to change the word “deceased” on my questionnaires to a simple “died” as some of my correspondents insisted that grandpappy wasn’t “diseased” but passed to his reward naturally by walking too close to the south end of a Missouri mule.

I hope that others with any data on the family will feel impelled to let me know of it; only in this way may a meaningful history of our family be continued. In addition, permission is freely given to any individual to use the data herein; I can assure them beforehand that printing family histories is not a money- making proposition, but hope they have luck.

May you have happy hunting in these pages.

Signed H.F. Stout

Forward to Tong – Tonge – Tongue and Allied Families
second edition by H.F. Stout.

This genealogy concerns itself primarily with the family initially of Maryland. It is the second edition of the Tong – Tonge – Tongue and Allied Families published in 1947 but with additions and corrections totaling several times the original volume.

My main dissatisfaction has been that I have not been able to find the precise original ancestry . William Tong (or Tongue, as given in the 1790 census) stated that his grandparents came from Devonshire, England ‘about the same time as the grandparents of Washington’; this affords little information. The Maryland colonial records list but two of the name: ffriendship Tongue in 1649 and Thomas Tongue, as a redemptioner in 1650. A further search of these records indicate that Friendship Tongue died aged about 26, married, but with no mentioned issue. By implication, this would leave Thomas as the common ancestor. However, the name ‘Thomas’ is confined largely to the Anne Arundel county lines and rarely appears in the Prince Georges or Frederick county families, thus left hanging in midair.

A fairly complete history of the descendants of these Maryland lines is given in this book; these progeny have spread to all fifty states as population progressd westward and the name appears in pioneer history in many states, especially in Missouri and Texas.

There are many unconnected lines; some are from know later immigration, but there must be many unrecorded early arrivals as they appear not only in Maryland, but in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina also.

Nevertheless, this record is placed in print as I have often observed that data awaiting completion of every detail is seldom published and oftimes dies with its possessor. Perhaps someone with more ambition, youth – and necessarily money – can carry these lines on to completion. I hope someone will.

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