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Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania


Tree: Tong Family History
Location : Latitude: 40.369736, Longitude: -75.002832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ELY, Mary  21 Jun 1766Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2790 Tong Family History 
2 HAMBLETON, Aaron  21 Jan 1770Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I725 Tong Family History 
3 HAMBLETON, Alice  10 Jan 1785Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I713 Tong Family History 
4 HAMBLETON, Ann  10 Jun 1797Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I650 Tong Family History 
5 HAMBLETON, Elizabeth  Abt 1725Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I694 Tong Family History 
6 HAMBLETON, Elizabeth  14 May 1786Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I714 Tong Family History 
7 HAMBLETON, Grace  Abt 1731Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I692 Tong Family History 
8 HAMBLETON, James  05 Jan 1754Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I589 Tong Family History 
9 HAMBLETON, Jane  09 Mar 1757Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I720 Tong Family History 
10 HAMBLETON, Jennah (Jennett)  Abt 1733Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I693 Tong Family History 
11 HAMBLETON, John  14 Jun 1755Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I727 Tong Family History 
12 HAMBLETON, John  02 Feb 1790Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I716 Tong Family History 
13 HAMBLETON, Joseph  02 Dec 1762Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I697 Tong Family History 
14 HAMBLETON, Joseph  10 May 1791Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I664 Tong Family History 
15 HAMBLETON, Margaret  19 Jan 1772Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I722 Tong Family History 
16 HAMBLETON, Mary  13 Feb 1774Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I726 Tong Family History 
17 HAMBLETON, Mercy  14 Apr 1783Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I712 Tong Family History 
18 HAMBLETON, Moses  27 Jan 1768Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I723 Tong Family History 
19 HAMBLETON, Peninah  17 Apr 1780Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I711 Tong Family History 
20 HAMBLETON, Rachael  07 Mar 1765Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I721 Tong Family History 
21 HAMBLETON, Rachel  23 May 1787Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I671 Tong Family History 
22 HAMBLETON, Sarah  17 May 1795Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I718 Tong Family History 
23 HAMBLETON, Stephen  01 May 1729Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I676 Tong Family History 
24 HAMBLETON, Stephen  30 Jul 1793Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I717 Tong Family History 
25 HAMBLETON, William  23 Oct 1758Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I728 Tong Family History 
26 PAXSON, Alice  28 Jan 1812Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2801 Tong Family History 
27 PAXSON, Amy  06 Aug 1763Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I710 Tong Family History 
28 PAXSON, Ann  12 Aug 1761Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I708 Tong Family History 
29 PAXSON, Elizabeth Lupton  15 Feb 1752Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I590 Tong Family History 
30 PAXSON, Grace  Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2797 Tong Family History 
31 PAXSON, Hannah  28 Dec 1732Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I677 Tong Family History 
32 PAXSON, Henry III  17 Aug 1750Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I704 Tong Family History 
33 PAXSON, Howard H  20 Sep 1810Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2800 Tong Family History 
34 PAXSON, Hugh  31 Mar 1813Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2802 Tong Family History 
35 PAXSON, Isaac  29 Sep 1748Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I703 Tong Family History 
36 PAXSON, James  08 Jun 1724Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I686 Tong Family History 
37 PAXSON, James  11 Feb 1738Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I683 Tong Family History 
38 PAXSON, Jane  03 Jun 1739Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I684 Tong Family History 
39 PAXSON, John  27 Aug 1766Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I672 Tong Family History 
40 PAXSON, John H  07 May 1807Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2798 Tong Family History 
41 PAXSON, Jonas  25 Apr 1735Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I696 Tong Family History 
42 PAXSON, Joseph  01 Jan 1754Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I705 Tong Family History 
43 PAXSON, Mahlon  04 Mar 1746Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I709 Tong Family History 
44 PAXSON, Margaret  24 Aug 1745Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I679 Tong Family History 
45 PAXSON, Martha  04 Dec 1728Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I687 Tong Family History 
46 PAXSON, Mary  22 Jun 1743Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I690 Tong Family History 
47 PAXSON, Mary  05 Feb 1758Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I706 Tong Family History 
48 PAXSON, Mercy  25 Aug 1759Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I707 Tong Family History 
49 PAXSON, Rachel  30 May 1747Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I702 Tong Family History 
50 PAXSON, Sarah  23 Aug 1808Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2799 Tong Family History 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HAMBLETON, Elizabeth  29 Apr 1751Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I694 Tong Family History 
2 HAMBLETON, Joseph  1825Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I5351 Tong Family History 
3 HAMBLETON, Rachel  21 Aug 1878Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I671 Tong Family History 
4 HAMBLETON, Stephen  16 May 1806Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I676 Tong Family History 
5 LUPTON, Elizabeth  01 Aug 1801Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I647 Tong Family History 
6 LUPTON, Sarah  27 May 1778Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I678 Tong Family History 
7 PAXSON, Hannah  21 Nov 1812Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I677 Tong Family History 
8 PAXSON, Henry  05 Sep 1756Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I667 Tong Family History 
9 PAXSON, Henry Jr.  02 Aug 1819Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I700 Tong Family History 
10 PAXSON, James  Feb 1747Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I665 Tong Family History 
11 PAXSON, Margaret  Bef Dec 1773Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I679 Tong Family History 
12 PAXSON, Sarah  25 Mar 1813Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I724 Tong Family History 
13 POWNALL, Abigale  17 Apr 1749Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I4597 Tong Family History 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 HAMBLETON, Hannah  08 May 1781Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I588 Tong Family History 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BEAKES / BILES  31 Oct 1668Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F1949 Tong Family History 
2 ELY / HAMBLETON  12 Dec 1815Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F301 Tong Family History 
3 HAMBLETON / GREENLEAF  01 Jan 1717Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F290 Tong Family History 
4 HAMBLETON / PAXSON  01 Jan 1752Solebury Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F266 Tong Family History