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These pages present the family history we have collected for the family of Daniel D. Tong and Sue Ellen (Hamilton) Tong.

Over the years, we have worked on the following surnames on Dan's side: Tong, Beck, Mitchell, Stage, Wiggins, Montgomery, Bolander, and Hambleton.

We also have collected information on the surnames from Sue's side as well: Hamilton, Cannon, Shoemaker, Cokonaugher, Newman, Crawford, Day, Kirk, and Dunn

Feel free to browse these pages. Please let us know if you have any additional information. We would love to share information.

Ms Toll, Opal, Margaret Rexr, Cleo Montgomery
Ms Toll, Opal, Margaret Rexr, Cleo Montgomery

People with today's Birthdays
Nathaniel BILLS - 1677
David GATCHELL - 1751
Job COMPTON - 1764
John George BECK - 1785
Mary WINDER - 1817
Amelia M KIRK - 1828
William Thomas KIRK - 1829
Catharine HERR - 1860
Eleanor Elizabeth TONG - 1877
Orville Dawson WOHLGAMUTH - 1896

Families with today's Anniversaries
John Clark SHAW & Malinda Jane SHOEMAKER - 1837
Jacob KIRK & Clarissa WHITTAKER - 1844
Addison E COKONAUGHER & Hannah Mazie HURLESS - 1903
George W TAYLOR & Mary Judith WEST - 1919

Feature Articles

feature 1 Dan's Paternal lines : Tong, Beck, Mitchell, Stage, and associated surnames.

feature 2 Dan's maternal lines : Wiggins, Aukamp, Montgomery, Bolander, and associated surnames.

feature 3 Sue's paternal lines : Hamilton, Cannon, Cockerill, Shoemaker, Cokonaugher, Newman, and associated surnames.

feature 4 Sue's maternal lines : Crawford, Day, Kirk, Long, and associated surnames

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Deaths in the families on today's date
Sarah TAYLOR - 1854
Mary Ann KIRK - 1855
Samuel Porter COSNER - 1917
Howard SHOEMAKER - 1969
Ella Olivette FERGUSON - 1978
Christine SHEPARD - 1996

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