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These pages present the family history we have collected for the family of Daniel D. Tong and Sue Ellen (Hamilton) Tong.

Over the years, we have worked on the following surnames on Dan's side: Tong, Beck, Mitchell, Stage, Wiggins, Montgomery, Bolander, and Hambleton.

We also have collected information on the surnames from Sue's side as well: Hamilton, Cannon, Shoemaker, Cokonaugher, Newman, Crawford, Day, Kirk, and Dunn

Feel free to browse these pages. Please let us know if you have any additional information. We would love to share information.

Henry Hamilton
Henry Hamilton

People with today's Birthdays
Mary KIRK - 1774
Roger KIRK - 1794
Isaac CRAWFORD - 1796
John KIRK - 1807
Samuel Harrison BARTHOLOMEW - 1842
Charles J WHELEHON - 1907
Emily Jane EVANS - 1934

Families with today's Anniversaries
William Clayton TONG & Laura GUIMOND - 1902
Joseph Frederick TONG & Nannie OGLESBY - 1905

Feature Articles

feature 1 Dan's Paternal lines : Tong, Beck, Mitchell, Stage, and associated surnames.

feature 2 Dan's maternal lines : Wiggins, Aukamp, Montgomery, Bolander, and associated surnames.

feature 3 Sue's paternal lines : Hamilton, Cannon, Cockerill, Shoemaker, Cokonaugher, Newman, and associated surnames.

feature 4 Sue's maternal lines : Crawford, Day, Kirk, Long, and associated surnames

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Deaths in the families on today's date
Lydia Beery (BIERY) - 1890
Abraham BECK - 1907
Mildred OBARR - 1933
Edna Grace CROM - 1952

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