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Most of the initial information I have for the Tong family name comes from H.S. Stout. In 1974, he published the second edition of Tong-Tonge-Tongue and Allied Families. After his death, his widow sent me several boxes of papers. This consisted of materials (corrections and additions) for his third edition that was in progress at the time of his death. I work through that material as time allows.

Over the years, I have added to this as possible. Much is known about William Tongue (b 8 Aug, 1756 and d 8 Feb, 1848). But, things get pretty sketchy as you go back further.

Recently, I added information connecting the Tongs with the Crawford name. Following that back, I learned that this Crawford line connected with the Bradfords. This takes us back to William Bradford, the long-time governor of the Pilgrams at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Tong coat of arms
  Tong Coat of Arms

California Tongs Collection

Recently, I was given a collection of information on the 'California Tongs'. This was collected by John Minot Milliken, grandson of Clarksville pioneer Gilbert Shores Tong. The collection was passed on to me to add to the rest of the Tong information. See the original collection. (46.1Mb - it might take several minutes to open!)

Plese contact me if you are closely related to this line and collect family history information. I can make arrangements for you to access the original collection.

Feature Articles

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feature 1 Tong-Tonge-Tongue book Preface and Forward  Read the Preface and the Forward from the 1974 Tong-Tonge-Tongue and Allied Families book.

feature 2 Autobiography of William Tong(ue)  With his two wives and 26 children, we can trace many Tongs back to his family. William, born in Maryland, was a revolutionary War soldier.

feature 2 Origin of the Tong(ue) family name  from the 1974 Tong-Tonge-Tongue and Allied Families book.

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IndividualGeorge Washington Tong
IndividualWilliam Tong(ue)
IndividualFriendship Tongue, Sr believed to be person in line that moved from England to Maryland.
IndividualWilliam Bradford

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