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The Shoemaker line

Sue's great, grandfather was George Michael Shoemaker, from Adams Co, Ohio. We have worked on this line for many years and have made some significant progress, in spite of having only a little information that we could collect from family members. The family came from Louden Co, Virginia around 1800. It appears that the first of the line in the US was Simon Shoemaker, born in 1736 in Cleeborg, Alsace, Germany.

We have recently located a book on the Shoemaker name and hope to add much more information about the line in the coming months.

Adams County, Ohio
  Adams County, Ohio

The Cokonaugher line

We have also discovered some information on the Cokonaugher line. Sue's great, great grandmother was Ruhama Cokonaugher, who married Michael Shoemaker in 1848, in Adams Co, Ohio. It looks there were many Cokonaughers living in Ross Co, Ohio. They also came from Virginia but at this time, we don't know specifically where. The oldest Cokonaugher we currently have is Christoper Cokonaugher, born in 1757. Records show he was born in York, Pennsylvania and moved to Virginia.

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