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Hamilton - Sue's maiden name

Sue and I started at the very beginning with each of these surnames. Many hours at county courthouses, cemeteries, talking to relatives and searching on the internet have proved pretty successful.

We found four generations of Hamiltons at Locust Grove Cemetery, Locus Grove, Ohio. That includes Claude, George Henry, Henry and William.

Adams County, Ohio
  Locust Grove Cemetery, Locus Grove, Ohio

At this point, we have traced the Hamilton line back to Thomas Hamilton, born about 1740 in Pennsylvania and died about 1803 in Harrison Kentucky. We believe he is the father of William Hamilton who moved to Adams Co., Ohio

We continue to look to trace farther back.

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feature 2 Thomas Hamilton - Biographical sketch  A biographical sketch of Thomas Hamilton. Currently, he is the farthest back we have been able to trace my wife's maiden name.

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