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The Crawford line

William Leo Crawford was Sue's grandfather on her mother's side. As with many of the family names, we started collecting information by talking to family. For several generations, the Crawfords were in Brown Co, Ohio.

After much searching, we found 'Old Red Oak (Old Brick) Cemetery located at West Henry and Linn outside of Sardinia in Brown County. In that cemetery, we found three generations of Crawfords (William H., John, and Joshua) with the oldest being born in 1768. The cemetery was completely grown over with weeds and bushes when we first discovered it. The good news - when we next visited it, it had been cleared and looked in better shape.

We have traced the Crawford line back to another John Crawford that appears to have come to America from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The Crawfords are connected to a number of families we are investigating, such as: BILLS, TWINNING, SCOTT, DEANE, TILTON, RING, DAY, and others. The connections to these families is through Ester Scott, the wife of George Crawford.

Brown County, Ohio
  Brown Co., Ohio, courthouse - Brown Co was home to many Crawford ancestors
Feature Articles

feature 1 Sue's paternal lines : Hamilton, Cannon, Cockerill, Shoemaker, Cokonaugher, Newman, and associated surnames.

feature 2 Sue's maternal lines : Crawford, Day, Kirk, Long, and associated surnames

feature 2 Thomas Hamilton - Biographical sketch  A biographical sketch of Thomas Hamilton. Currently, he is the farthest back we have been able to trace my wife's maiden name.

Featured people
IndividualWilliam Leo Crawford - Sue's Grandfather
IndividualJoshua Crawford
IndividualJohn Crawford - born in Scotland, came to America
IndividualEster Scott - wife of George Crawford and the connection to a number of well known families
IndividualStephen Deane - came to Pilgrim colony on The Fortune
IndividualMary Durante Ring - early Pilgrim colony settler
IndividualWilliam Twining - one of first Quakers in America

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