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The Cannon line

Anna Rebecca Cannon married George Henry Hamilton to bring the names together. Anna's father Levin Cannon was born and lived in Adams Co, Ohio.

We have been able to trace the Cannons back another three generations. Curtis Cannon was born in Sussex, Delaware and moved to Adams Co, Ohio. His father Levin was born in Dorchester, Maryland and moved to Sussex. Next is William Cannon, born in 1690 and died 1764, in Dorchester.

One generation farther back is James Cannon. We believe he was born in England and traveled to Dorchester, Maryland. We continue to look to trace farther back.

The Cockerill line

Anna Rebecca's parents were Levin M Cannon and Liddy Jane Cockerill. We have been able to locate a lot of information on the Cockerills. Liddy Jane's father was General Daniel Cockerill, fighting in the War of 1812.

Several generations prior, John Cockerill came from London to Northumberland Co, Virginia as the first of this line in the US.

We have a number of documents we will post as time allows.

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Featured people
IndividualAnna Rebecca Cannon - Sue's great grandmother
IndividualCurtis Cannon - moved from Sussex, Delaware to Adams Co, Ohio
IndividualLevin Cannon - moved from Dorchester, Maryland to Sussex, Delaware
IndividualLiddy Jane Cockerill - married Levin M Cannon
IndividualGeneral Daniel Cockerill - moved from Loudoun Co, Virginia to Adams Co, Ohio.
IndividualJohn Cockerill - emmigrated from London to Northumberland, Virginia.

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