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Aaron B Mitchell Aaron B Mitchell Aaron B Mitchell Adm Stout's Naval Uniform in the Dover Historical Museum Alvilda (Allie) Tong Wohlgamuth Amelia Lucas Cockerill Amos Frisby Nye Andrew Tong, Rebecca Hasseltine (McCreary) Tong Anna Lee Hamilton Anna Lee Hamilton
Anna Mary Aukamp Smith Anna Mary Aukamp Smith Aunt Bertha Aunt Nett, Bertha? Bertha, Elizabeth (Grandma) Cummins Bertha? and Bessie B Millier Bessie Pearl Bolander and Robert Pliny Miller Calvin Tong Catherine E Wiggins
Christian C Hamilton Claude Hamilton Claude Hamilton and Mary Estie Shoemaker Hamilton Cleo (Montgomery) Wiggins Cleo Gertrude Montgomery Cleo Gertrude Montgomery, Bess Bolander Cleo Montgomery Wiggins and Cathryn Clifford and Madonna (Wiggins) Tong Clifford T. Tong Clifford Tong
Dover, Ohio sign Either Cleo or Merrine Montgomery Elizabeth (Stamn) Beck Elizabeth (Stamn) Beck Elizabeth Bolander Montgomery Elizabeth Delphine Bolander, Cleo Gertrude Montgomery, John Maurice Montgomery Florence May (Mitchell) Westcott Florence May (Mitchell) Westcott Florence May (Mitchell) Westcott
Garfield and Anna Elizabeth Tong George & Sarah Elizabeth Wise with second child John. George Bond Wise George H Smith and Annie Mary Aukamp Smith George H Smith and Annie Mary Aukamp Smith George H Smith and Annie Mary Aukamp Smith George M. and Anna C. (Smith) Aukamp George Washington Tong George Wise Farmhouse
Grant Tong Hannah Limes Cockerill Heading above Dover Historical Musuem Henry F. Tong Henry Hamilton Henry Hamilton Wiggins and family Henry Hamilton Wiggins and four of his sons Henry Hamilton Wiggins and Kathryn Louisa Aukamp Wiggins Hettie Whitaker
Hobart and Golden Tong Horace Washington Tong Hosea Tong House of Jeanetta Tong Bailey James William Hamilton Janice (Tong) Phillips Jeanetta Tong Bailey Jerome and Eliza (Tong) Keiser Family John Maurice Montgomery, wife Elizabeth (Bolander) Montgomery and Cleo Montgomery John Wise
Joseph Randolph Cockerill Joseph Tong Leva, ?? Bolander, Cleo Montgomery Louise Frederica Finley Stout and Herald Franklin Stout Madonna (Wiggins) Tong Madonna Mildred (Wiggins) Tong Margaret Parman Cannon  Mary Beck Mary Estie Shoemaker Merrine Margaret Montgomery
Merrine, Dorothy, Elizabeth Cummins Mildreth, Bertha, W Crooks Milton Bigelow Tong Mr Crooks, ?,?,Leva, Bertha Crook Ms Toll, Opal, Margaret Rexr, Cleo Montgomery Nancy Tong Nell and Floss Nettie and Harve Bailey Paul Hubert Cannon Paul Hubert Cannon
Rear Adm Herald Franklin Stout Rebecca (Dunn) Hackett Robert A Mitchell Robert Lincoln Tong Ruth Eloise (Wiggins) Parker Samuel Edward Shoemaker Sarah A (Beck) Tong Scott Tong Sister of Aaron B Mitchell

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